At TECHNOWORLD INSTRUMENTS, our extensive lines of Lab Instruments and Medical Equipment used for different Laboratory and Hospital purposes are dependable and include innovative features needed in the modern medical and scientific environment — at economical prices that fit nearly any budget. We offer a variety of warranty options, protecting your investment and providing you with peace of mind.

Chart & Stethoscope

Our Products

BOD incubators.jpg
BOD Incubators

BOD Incubators offered to discover application in testing Microorganism serum brooding seed germination, Vaccines, Culture of microbes, Storage delicate culture and others. These additionally accompanied warming help through steel tubular radiator with blades and computerised show electronic controller with mains ON/OFF switch for demonstrating lights and circuit. Further, these additionally highlight miniaturised scale controller based PID controller cum pointers with controller Interface given through Rs 232 C/RS 485 interface for accomplishing different systems administration. 
B O D Test stockpiling touchy culture, Vaccines, Culture of microscopic organisms, Microorganism serum hatching seed germination and so on. 
By Steel Tubular radiator with balances 
Control Panel: 
Computerised show electronic controller with mains ON/OFF switch demonstrating lights and breaker 
Standard Model-time relative ON/OFF controller cum pointer 
Smaller scale controller based PID controller cum pointer 
Controller with Printer Interface as * discretionary 
Controller Interface through Rs 232 C/RS 485 for different systems administration 
Feature(OPTIONAL For Gmp/Ich Model) 
ICH Guide Lines took after. 
S.S. removable to forestall over shoot. 
Security indoor regulator to avert over shoot. 
HRC meld for all controls. 
The bacteriological hatchery is non refrigerated form for temp. Scope of encompassing + 5°C to 60°C.

Medical centrifuge

We make utilization of premium quality material and most recent innovation machines for the generation of this Doctor Centrifuge by our industry senior generally experts. Our scope of these Centrifuge Doctor is exceedingly requested in the both national and universal markets for their remarkable components like rust confirmation and fitted with imported great carbon brush and for its high security. 
Elements : 
Rust confirmation Aluminum body. 
Best quality rotor with twofold enameled windings and curl. 
Fitted with imported carbon brush. 
Fitted with vacuum feet for steadiness.


Spectrophotometer offered are made accessible with computerized readout in wave length with light source being Halogen and D2 light. With determination of 0.1% in %T and 0.001 in O.D., 1 of every 999 for Conc, these contain ghostly transmission capacity of 3 nm, wave length determination of 1 nm, wave length precision of ± 1 nm, wave length security of ± 1 nm and perusing soundness of ± 2 digit. Further, these element 3 position curette holder of Zero, Blank and Sample. These likewise highlight smooth, consumption confirmation fiber body with aluminum based wrap up. 
Elements : 
RANGE 190-1100 NM 
Advanced readout of %T, O.D. Conc. 
Advanced readout of wave length 
Source : Halogen and D2 light 
Cut off channel IR 
Determination : 0.1% in %T and 0.001 in O.D., 1 out of 999 for Conc. 
Phantom transfer speed 3 nm 
Wave length determination : 1 nm 
Wave length precision : ± 1 nm 
Wave length dependability : ± 1 nm 
Perusing dependability : ± 2 digit 
3 position cuvette holder : Zero, Blank and Sample 
Single shaft reflect optics 
Low volume test : 1 ml 
Weight : 10 Kg 
Measurement : 180 mm (H) x 375 mm (W) x 540 mm (L) 
Smooth, consumption verification fiber body with aluminum based 
Extra Information: 
Least Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus

Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus is colossally commended in the market owning to their dazzling properties, for example, smooth working, exact measures, solid and long administration life. We create these items utilizing preeminent quality materials in view of most recent flexible innovation as per the quality gauges. These items are discovers applications in different pharmaceutical ventures for testing the tablets and containers in a compelling methodology. Customers can benefit from us these items and no more reasonable costs. 
Elements : 
No. of Basket : Double Basket (2 x 6 Test) 
Stroke : 50 mm approx. 30 strokes/min. 
Clock : Microprocessor based preset clock 00.01 to 99.59 Hr. with caution 
Show : Digital 12 mm. Red LED for time 
Warmth Control : Continuously factor Electronic warmth control 
Measurement : 350 W x 270 D x 400 mm H 
Weight : 11 Kg. approx

Binocular Research Microscope

Binocular research magnifying instrument outlined, pass on threw sufficiently complex to satisfy your Microscopy needs.The exceptional accumulation of components incorporates isolate fine and coarse control. 
An unbending and overwhelming stand perception Bino-Head slanted at 450 and rotable in 3600 collected from imported crystal to guarantee exceedingly precise collimation for strain free perception. 
Settled square stage with worked in co-pivotal mechanical stage,graduated fourfold rotating nose piece. 
Twofold focal point brilliant field ABBE condenser(N.A. 1.25) with iris stomach and swing out channel holder versatile by rack and pinion. 
Illuminatin Built-in-base Halogen Lamp 6V-20W with electrical framework and controller for Low/Medium/High.Also given Plano curved reflecting mirror connection for sunlight utilize. 
Every one of the parts are weight bite the dust thrown in extraordinary Aluminum composite guaranteeing additional quality. 
Level Field Achromatic targets and elite eye pieces.All focal points are hard covered for Anti Reflection and lessened light focal points.

Digital Lab Oven

Computerized Lab Oven offered are made accessible by us in triple walled complete with internal chambers made in either M.S. or, on the other hand S.S. 304 review metal alternatives , in this way giving ideal utilitarian help and durable administration life. These lab stoves likewise highlight crevices show between two walled that are loaded with artistic protection in order to guarantee there are no warmth misfortunes. Further, the warming component is made utilizing exceptional sort air radiator of S.S. "U" sort tubular radiator for giving ideal useful help in given applications. 
Specialized Specifications: 
Stoves are triple walled 
Internal chamber made of either M.S. or, then again S.S.304 
Hole between the two walled loaded with artistic protection to maintain a strategic distance from warmth of loses with protection of 150 mm 
Warming component are made of unique sort air warmer of S.S. "U" Type tubular warmer 
With unique kind of wiring association from outside body ISI 
Provided with air draft mechanized blower to flow uniform temp. Thoroughly considered chamber temp. extend 50°C to 300°C with exactness of ± 1°C controlled by computerized temp Controller cum pointer WITH TIMMER 

Portable Autoclave

We offer Portable Autoclave which is regularly utilized as a part of different labs for finish and powerful sanitization at the most reduced conceivable cost. 
Compact autoclave sterilizers by labline are intended for broadly useful disinfection occupations at dental centers, nursing homes and doctor's facilities and so forth. The standard models of these frameworks are accessible from 5 to 20 liters of limits. Notwithstanding standard models, we additionally offer altered compact autoclaves at exceedingly focused cost. 
Outlined ergonomically, our convenient autoclaves include long years of effortless execution, most extreme proficiency and safe operation. Being smaller in plan, these frameworks involve low seat space; henceforth, ideal for places where space is a noteworthy issue. They are likewise easy to utilize, administrator needs to uncommon preparing earlier utilizing. No establishment is required, all you require attachment and utilize. 
Every unit developed with overwhelming gage aluminum or stainless steel material (discretionary). The chamber produces steam weight 15 psi to 18psi under working temperature 121°C to 140°C. Every framework is tried on specific parameters of effective sanitization guaranteeing safe operation dependably. These convenient autoclaves are outfitted with wellbeing gadgets that shield administrator and tests from over-weight, over present and other misusing conditions.

Stable Temperature Water Bath

Double walled chamber has inner made of SS and outer made of MS with powder coating. A glass window is provided on the front side for an easy inside view. A high speed stirrer with a motor of 1/20 H.P. is fitted to the unit of continuous stirring and this maintaining a uniform temperature through out. the heating mechanism comprises of set of heaters pertaining to fast heating. Temp. rang 5 degree C above ambient to 100 degree C. with accuracy ± 0.5 degree C. Temp. controlled by digital temperatures indicator cum controller to work on 220/230 V Ac

Medical Grade Panel PCs

We, in India, are the importers and distributors of WINCOMM Brand Medical Grade PCs used in ICUs by many hospitals and Medical Colleges, as also Healthcare Institutions.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotmeter (AAS)

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers (AAS) used in the analysis of multiple elements is one of the important equipment used in Research centers, Scientific Labs and Forensic research centers. The spectrophotometers of different specifications of different brands and advanced models are available with us.